Sunday, September 18, 2016

Psychologist fills void in special need

Nyack, N.Y. – The field of psychology and psychological counseling is huge, and many people choose to be very broad in their approaches to treatment.
Some, however, take a much more streamlined approach and choose to specialize.  One such area is CBT-I.
“CBT-I is cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.  It is a relatively new field, but the treatments have seen real success with patients,” said Dr. Sally Nazari, clinical psychologist and owner of Chrysalis Psychological Services.
Good sleep is necessary for proper health.  There are a myriad of problems tied to insomnia including manic behavior, which can lead to even more serious mental health issues.
Unlike medications, CBT-I uses a combination of group and individual counseling therapies.  This allows the individual to learn tools that help them go, stay and find a good night’s sleep each night, every night.
“There are medical therapies for sleep aid, but these are tightly controlled and limited because the medications can be habit forming.  CBT-I is easy, done in only a few sessions and has seen as good success with patients as medication therapy,” said Nazari.
The success of the therapy should mean that there are plenty of therapists using the system, but there is a serious lack of anyone in the country who uses it.
Dr. Nazari is one of a few who are trained to use CBT-I as part of her overall practice and is looking forward to adding it to her practice.
“CBT-I was a part of my training as an extern and intern at the Maryland and New York V.A. hospitals, and now as a private practice clinician, I would love to extend this treatment to my community. I love the treatment and saw fantastic benefits with my veterans,” said Nazari.
Nazari offers several services and therapies for patients.  She is also a certified Reiki practitioner.  To schedule an appointment, learn more about her practice or to read up on her, visit her website Chrysalis Psychological Services, PLLC.
Chrysalis Psychological Services, PLLC
Dr. Sally Nazari